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Desktop Computer Systems

Are you tired of you Desktop Computer, being obsolete every 6 months? Are you looking for an option that will allow you to upgrade easily, without being forced to buy a new, even more proprietary Desktop Computer?

Look no further... iKnowledge builds quality ATX Standard Desktop Systems using Revision Controlled Components. That means that your Desktop Computer can be easily upgraded, whether you purchase the upgrade from iKnowledge or you purchase from another ATX Standard Vendor.

If you are unsure which Desktop Computer is right for you or require a custom build, e-mail our sales department or call: 1.866.828.4678.

All iKnowledge Desktop Computers come with a 1 Year On-Site Warranty for ATX Standard Components.

Get a 10% Discount when you purchase a Desktop Computer in combination with a Web Hosting Package.

  Standard Features Plus:
     700 MHz Intel PIII
     256 MB RAM
     20.4 GB IDE HDD
  iKnowledge's Price
     ~$35.49 / 24 Month Lease
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  Standard Features plus:
     866 MHz Intel PIII
     512 MB RAM
     40.2 GB IDE HDD
  iKnowledge's Price
     ~$39.12 / 24 Month Lease
Contact Sales
  Standard Features plus:
     1 GHz Intel PIII
     1024 MB RAM
     60 GB IDE HDD
  infraHOST's Price
     ~$45.59 / 24 Month Lease
Contact Sales

Standard Package Features

   Minitower (Case)
   GCA64-TN (Motherboard)
   1.44 MB NEC 3.5 (Floppy Drive)
   Intel Pentium Processors
   Seagate IDE 5,400 rpm Hard Drives
   PC-133 Memory
   Mitsumi 48x IDE CD-ROM
   S3 Trio 3D 4MB 128bit (Video Card)
   56K Modem
   PCI 32 Bit Real Tech 10/100 (NIC)
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