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Facilities Based vs. Facilities Free
Our parent company, infraHOST, has taken a Facilities Free approach to delivering our Web Hosting and Managed Internet Services Offering to our Customers. This approach allows us to concentrate on the wants and needs of our Customers rather than pursuing funding for a Capital Expenditure Intensive build out of a Data Center. If you are interested, please take a moment and read the following summary on Next-Gen Managed Services a report prepared by Tier 1 Research. Also please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about our Infrastructure.

Vendors and Internet Service Providers
iKnowledge has aligned itself with a variety of vendors and Internet service providers. Each undergoes a careful evaluation to ensure that we provide our Customers with only quality products or services. Incidentally, the company with the best quality product or service is not always the company with the most market share. We refuse to compromise quality in return for a name brand. iKnowledge feels that we have assembled a conglomerate of quality Internet products and services. We are committed to providing our customers with options and will continue to evaluate new and existing Internet services for recommendation or resale to our Customers.
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