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Web Hosting Partner Programs

Alliance Reseller Program
iKnowledge's Alliance Reseller Program is designed to address the growing demand for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to effectively utilize, refer or resell iKnowledge's Web Hosting offering. By partnering with iKnowledge, partners receive valuable marketing and technical support, training, discounts and access to a password-protected partner portal. For more information on the Alliance Reseller Program complete the Alliance Partner Application or send an e-mail to

Affiliate Program
iKnowledge's Affiliate Program is designed to reward Customer Referrals. The Program pay-out is based upon the size of the order that is referred. Affiliate Program members receive a commission of one month's Web Hosting Credit. Therefore, the larger the order, the larger the commission. It's easy to get started, just complete the Affiliate Partner Application or send and e-mail to
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