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iKnowledge Web site Design Strategy

Our Web site Design Strategy will help you develop the best content and customer experience for the visitors to your new Web site, and it will help you plan ahead for the tools you'll need to make your Web brochure or catalog compelling enough to keep customers coming back.

Review this section to help you plan and organize each page of your new Web site. When you are ready to start gathering content, select a Web site Package that is right for your business based on the number of pages, and then iKnowledge will send you a Starter Kit that will help you organize your text, headers, photographs, and electronic files. You can send us content by mail or by e-mail.

There are five basic areas to consider as you develop your Web site:

Site Design: The design style that you select should reflect the image and personality of your business. Photographs or graphics, for example, can make each page more compelling. Because the Web is an interactive, graphic sales tool, you should use it to sell your business and set yourself apart from your competition!

Pages and Sections: Selecting the pages and sections that best categorize and communicate your business is key to your online success.

Headers and Text: Your content must be concise and valuable to the visitor who would most likely buy your product or service.

Navigation: Locating information on your site, such as details about purchasing your products or services, is critical to your online success.

Marketing: Although iKnowledge will provide you with state-of-the-Internet marketing tools and services, you'll need to prepare promotions and decide which pages you want to develop.
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