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infr@MEDIA Scalable Streaming Media

infr@MEDIA provides a single source solution for streaming media through your own secure online corporate account, enabling the most cost effective and efficient method for adding audio and video to your website.

Upload and Host Streaming Media
Instantly upload media to infr@MEDIAs secure streaming media servers and global content delivery network directly from the desktop of your PC. infra@MEDIA simplifies the publishing process by enabling the web producer to drag and drop media through an easy-to-use web-based interface or even have encoders automatically transfer media to your online account. For websites with multiple media files, infr@MEDIA can even upload directories and folders from your PC to customized folders in your infr@MEDIA account.

Content Management
Manage your media assets in one central location that can be securely accessed from anywhere over the Internet. Organize media into folders from a simple web-based interface. Track important media information, such as, file size, date, producer, encoded speeds, location and even usage history of your company’s most valuable assets.

Pay Per View
Turn your media assets into new revenue streams and profits through pay per view or pay per download. Set prices, previews, and track earnings from your online infr@MEDIA account.

Web Publishing
Generate and customize links to your website from your infr@MEDIA account. URLs are automatically generated from where you choose to distribute content in infr@MEDIAs global content delivery network. Represent links with rich media graphics and thumbnails. Customize and brand your media stream by embedding your own custom preview, company logo, copyright, and authoring information into produced media content.

Pricing and Purchase Information
You can find out more about infr@MEDIA Packages by sending an e-mail to sales or calling us today at 717.427.1736. Pricing starts at $19.95/month.

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